With the celebration of the Timed Trekking Trial and the Mountain Marathon, a cultural event is organized, or some sort of publication is made, but always in reference to the Urdaibai Municipality.

  • Knowing Mendata

    It began shyly, but firmly, for the will of the people that work for this publication proved so.
  • Bitoriano Gandiaga eta Mendata

    Bitoriano Gandiaga
    In memory of the late poet Bitoriano Gandaria, born in the Orbelaun Caserio in Mendata, the 2001 Timed Trekking Trial wad dedicated to him.
  • Mendata, gure geurea danentzat

    Mendata, gure geurea danentzat
    In 2002 Mendata dedicated the year to it's oral expression heritage and tradition.